Member Terms & Conditions

Welcome to 31mins personal development section. To ensure that 31mins is able to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all members and staff, please assist us by complying with the following conditions. The information outlined in these terms and conditions can and will be used in the event of a discrepancy.

1. Definitions

31mins, We, Us, Our: 31 Mins Pty Limited

You, Your, Member: You, Your, Member refers to the name in which the membership has been created, which at times may differ to the party paying for the membership, and includes the parent or guardian of the Member if the Member is under 18 years.

Agreement: This is the Agreement between 31mins and you, under which you will become a member of 31mins personal development program

Minimum Term:
The term specified in the Agreement form.
Stripe: This is the payment gateway used to process payments for

E-mail: or other debiting agent nominated by 31mins from time to time.

Website: “Website” means the 31mins Website at or such other website as notified to Members from time to time.

Corporate Partners:
A company who holds a partnership agreement with 31mins Pty Limited and agrees to subsidise a portion of the full membership fees for its employees/members.

Supply Period:
The supply period is the term for which you have paid, beyond which cancellation can occur with no obligation to either party

2. Memberships Available

This section constitutes an Agreement summary for understanding our membership options:

Understanding our membership options: Membership Commitment – membership allows access to the sites content in the members section.

Note: All Agreement fees are exclusive of goods and services tax (GST). Your fees will change in line with any government GST rate changes, even if you are within your Minimum Term.

3. Queries

All queries and comments about the services provided under this Agreement should be directed to the contact details listed on our website.

All queries and comments about the direct debit billing service should be directed to Stripe.

The member acknowledges that Stripe has been engaged by the 31mins to collect the fees due under this Agreement if paying by way of direct debit, and also acknowledges that all rights of 31mins under this Agreement are able to be enforced by Stripe as if it were 31mins without any involvement on the part of 31mins or the consent of the member.

4. General Conditions and 31min Code

You will have access to a broad range of video content from nutrition, life coaching, mindset and fitness.

All additional videos and content to this section of the site will be included in your membership

The content herein will be available to members for their consumption

5. Membership Fee Increase

Your membership fee will remain for the period agreed being 12 months from first payment

6. Legal Responsibility

31 Mins Pty Limited (31 Mins) gives readers and listeners access to information and content provided by a range of professionals.

31 Mins does not operate under an Australian financial services licence and relies on the exemption available under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) in respect of any information provided.

All information contained at 31, 31 mins Instagram, 31mins Tik Tok and on any podcast of 31 Mins is for knowledge and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional financial, legal or tax advice. The hosts of 31 Mins and any contributors to 31, 31 mins Instgram, 31 Mins Tik Tok are not aware of your personal financial circumstances. Any information is general in nature and not general advise it does not take into consideration your objectives, financial situation or needs.

Before making any financial decisions you should consult a licensed financial professional

7. Membership Entitlements
Membership at 31mins entitles you to:

7.1. Your subscription gives you digital access to the Publication you subscribed for during your subscription period. If there are different tiers of subscription for a Publication then your subscription only gives you access for the tier for which you subscribed.

7.2. All Digital and Premium Digital access means unlimited access to our digital services on any device for the particular Publication(s) to which you have subscribed.

7.3. We reserve the right to modify the content, inclusions, type and availability of any digital product at any time. We also reserve the right to enable free access to part or all of our Publications for periods of time and you will not be eligible for a full or partial refund of your subscription fees if we do this.

7.4. We reserve the right to reject any order for subscription at any time. Subscription fees are not refundable except to the extent expressly set out in these terms and conditions.

7.5. We are not responsible and have no liability for any claim relating to a situation where you have entered incorrect details as your contact details in your subscription order. It will be your responsibility to report any such errors to us as soon as you become aware of this and if we decide to provide you with any credit as a result, such credit may (at our option) take the form of an extension to your subscription expiry date or a reduction in the price of your next subscription payment.

7.6. We will not be liable to you for any loss or damage that you or any other person may incur in connection with your subscription, whether direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise. In any case, our maximum liability to you directly or indirectly in relation to your subscription is limited to an amount equal to the subscription fees paid by you to us in the 12-month period before the claim.

7.7. Your subscription is for your personal use only. You are not permitted to use your subscription for any commercial purpose, not withstanding the fact that the content will be only available to members for the resale of said material , to which the member will be entitled to 25% of the sale of their digital content to associates they deem appropriate for 31mins to sell said content to.

7.8. Payment may be made by your nominated payment method which can include direct debit. Your subscription automatically renews for the next period at the end of each billing cycle and you will be charged unless you cancel before then (see section 10). Where you pay by direct debit, it is your responsibility to make sure you have enough clear funds in your bank account for the direct debit payment to be deducted.

7.9. It is your responsibility to check your bank account statements to make sure that the correct amounts are being debited from your account and to let the Customer Service Team know if you believe you are being billed incorrectly.

7.10. You are responsible for making sure your payment details are always valid and up to date – you can do this online – visit My Account or contact the Customer Service Team.

7.11. We can cancel your subscription and revoke your access to our Publications if your subscription payment is rejected for any reason.

7.12. If for some unforeseen reason your complete access to our digital Publications is unavailable for a continuous period of more than 24 hours due to a matter within our control, you may be eligible (at our discretion) for a credit of a pro-rated amount for the period of the service outage. For the avoidance of doubt if you are unable to access our services due to problems not related to 31mins then you are not eligible for a refund or credit of any nature.

7.13. If you are experiencing any technical issues in accessing your digital subscription, it is your responsibility to contact the Customer Service Team directly for assistance. We reserve the right to refuse any request for credits, refunds, or extensions if you have not asked us for assistance within 48 hours of experiencing an issue.

7.14. You may pay by credit card or debit card at the time of subscription. If you pay by credit card, we may add a credit card surcharge (currently 1 % but subject to annual review) which reflects no more than the costs of acceptance to us of processing your payment subscription charges. You may also pay by direct debit from your nominated bank account after your subscription has been activated. There is no surcharge for payments by debit card or direct debit.

7.15. Your login details may be used in up to 2 concurrent sessions and should not be shared with anyone else. If we detect or suspect any misuse of your login details for any reason, we may terminate your subscription and no refunds will be given.

7.16. Using your subscription may mean you will incur other expenses (eg internet fees, data fees and/or service provider fees) and you will obviously be responsible for these extra expenses.

8. Pricing

8.1. We charge in Australian dollars and you agree to pay the subscription price at the payment intervals stated at the time you order your subscription. Discounts only apply if they are included in your subscription order and we will not backdate discounts.

9. Managing your subscription

9.1. You can manage your account, change your personal details or your payment plan online in the ‘My Account’ or ‘Support Centre’ section of our websites or by contacting the Customer Service Team for help.

9.2. Upgrades are billed from your next billing cycle, but you will get immediate access to the upgraded digital product. Downgrades of print and digital products will take effect from your next billing cycle. If you have a print product, we will need up to 10 working days to make the change to your home delivery.

10. Cancelling your subscription

10.1. You can request cancellation of your subscription via ‘My account’

10.2. If you cancel your subscription, it will be affective immediately however refunds will not apply.

10.3. We can cancel or suspend your subscription at any time in our discretion, but we will act reasonably. If we cancel your subscription, we may give you a prorate refund if you have pre-paid your subscription.

10.4. We will not refund past subscription payments if you have not contacted our Customer Service Team directly to cancel your subscription. We also will not refund past subscription payments if you do not contact our Customer Service Team to report unexpected deductions from your bank account within 3 months of the deduction.

10.5. We are not responsible for any missed content as deem by the member.

11. Privacy

11.1. You acknowledge and agree that certain personal information (which may include your name, address, email address, year of birth, postcode and mobile/telephone) number may be collected and stored by us and used to, amongst other things, manage your subscription, communicate with you about your subscription and to notify you of any associated customer offers or benefits, future subscriptions and/or other goods and services that we consider you may be interested in, unless you opt out of these communications.

11.2. Information on how we handle your personal information is detailed in our Privacy Policy. You can obtain further information on our Privacy Policy by visiting

Meeting your responsibilities

Your responsibilities, including payment of membership fees, do not depend on how often you use 31mins.

You must tell us about anything that affects your membership, and any changes to your contact information and bank details.

You must inform us in advance and in writing if there are any risks to your health.

Damage & personal injury

To the extent permitted by law, 31mins and Stripe excludes any liability to the member in Agreement, tort, statute or in any other way for any injury, damage or loss of any kind whatsoever (including, without limitation, any liability for direct, indirect, special or consequential loss or damage), sustained by the member and/or any other person, or for any costs, charges or expenses incurred by the member, arising from or in connection with this Agreement and/or the services/products provided by 31mins and/or Stripe, and/or any act or omission of 31mins and/or Stripe.

As a member

1. I/we agree that the Company, as a supplier of information services, will supply services to me including, but
not limited to, access within the 31 mins site which includes videos, community and information;

2. acknowledge that whilst the Company, its officers, employees, servants or agents take measures to make all informational services as safe as possible, there is a risk that I may misinterpret such information and apply in a manner not intended;

3. agree that I will, at my own risk, use and/or participate in and/or rely upon the informational services;

4. agree that the Company, its officers, employees, servants or agents will not be liable to me or my
dependents, for personal injury.

4.2 negligence, breach of contract and/or breach of statutory duty of the Company;

5. agree that I will indemnify the Company, its officers, employees, servants or agents for and against all
liability to me or my dependents, for personal injury or financial suffered by me due to the;

5.1 negligence, breach of contract and/or breach of statutory duty of the Company;

6. understand that this Risk Warning and Liability Exclusion is not intended to exclude, restrict or modify liability
which cannot lawfully be excluded, restricted or modified; and

7. acknowledge that this Risk Warning and Liability Exclusion is governed by the laws of the State in which it is

I have read this Risk Warning and Liability Exclusion, understand its content, and have accepted and
acknowledging this in accordance with my own free will.

Full Terms and conditions have been read in conjunction with the above


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