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31MINS is more than just a health and fitness program. It’s a proven success methodology and way of life. Join a community of people who, like you, want to learn how to become the best version of themselves and are committed to putting in the effort to achieve it.

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Nothing happens in isolation. That’s why physical health and fitness are only part of the 31MINS philosophy, albeit an important part. When we consider our overall wellbeing and success, there’s also mental health and ‘financial fitness’ to consider. And frequency ties it all together.


Holistic health & nutrition for daily high performance


Financial fitness & wealth creation strategies


Workout programs, mindset shifts & energy management


Designing your ideal life & staying in the zone

Health & Nutrition

Get instant access to experts for help with food, habits and more to set you on a clear path to achieving the healthiest version of yourself that is bursting with energy.

Nutrition: A variety of meal plans to suit all health goals.

Gut Health: The single most important thing to understand for great health.

Breathwork: Easy to follow tutorials on quick and effective breathing techniques.

Meditation & Relaxation: Gain mindfulness and clarity while reducing the “noise”.

Get Financially Fit

Our experts will change how you think about money and support you to break through self-limiting beliefs to aim for true financial freedom.  From the simple to the more complex solutions, build your money and wealth now.

Money: Why do some people become wealthy and how to make money work for you?

Budgeting: Do budgets work and what suits you?

Investing: How do you start and where do you start?

Effective Planning: Financial freedom isn’t an accident.

More Than A Workout

True to our philosophy, 31MINS is a way of life, not just fitness. It’s a holistic approach to all parts of your life. Fill your energy tanks daily, do something you love and develop lifelong habits that will have you buzzing every day with excitement.

Energy Management: Learn how to tap into your greatest energy source.

Mindset: Train your mind to perform at your best every day.

Commitment: Make commitment and consistency your greatest strengths.

Time Management: Let us show you how to get the most out of each day.

The Law Of Attraction

Have you ever noticed that some people attract great result after great result while others struggle? This is a learned skill; it’s not by accident. Learn how to tap into the right energy and emotions to increase the results in your life.

The Law of Attraction: Discover why it’s an attraction universe.

Frequency: Learn why your frequency creates your life.

Energy: Energy should be your number one focus.

Emotions: What do emotions really mean?

Meet with
Industry Experts

If you are dissatisfied with your life, want to break bad habits once and for all or simply know you can be better but don’t know where to start, 31MINS is for you. Join the community, learn from experts in their field and start your journey to sustainable results and transformation today.

An easy-to-use platform
designed to achieve long-term success

Personalised Goals, Checklists & Accountability

Set personal goals and tick tasks off on your checklist as they are done to monitor your results. Be held accountable through our Accountability Program to ensure you stay on track.

Daily Videos & Podcasts, Meal Plans & Workout Routines

Enjoy daily short videos and podcasts, plus receive seasonal 7-day meal plans for all dietary needs and choices and a variety of workout routines to suit all ages and fitness levels.

Mentoring Support & Community Forum

Be involved with the 31 Mins community via Facebook and have our experts answer the questions you want to know. Join our mentorship programs that are tailored for you. From balancing a home budget to debt structures for a $ 100m business, we are here to help.

Words from the community

Discover how the 31MINS lifestyle is helping our members achieve success in their health, wealth and fitness.

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